Volunteers Needed!

For the 2018 Orchids in the Park

The San Francisco Orchid Society needs lots of of volunteers for a variety of positions at our Orchids in the Park show this summer. Can you please help us put on a great show? If you volunteer for a shift, you will get a Show Bucks coupon for $5 you can use like cash at the show. You will also have free admission to the show and free lunch.

Volunteer Opportunities

Friday July 19

Show set up:

Setup tables, table covers, chairs, signs, etc. for show.

Orchid Exhibit Set-Up (1 pm – 6 pm):

Set up the display of flowering plants for the show. This job requires some lifting, standing, and walking.

July 20 & 21

Admission/Ticket Sales:

A mostly sit down job selling tickets and registering​ pre-sold tickets.


There are three types of jobs:

  1. Sitting/Standing in the area between the sales and vendor area. Making sure that plants purchased in the sales area do not go into display area. Directing people to store them at the Plant Hotel, or directing them to the exits.
  2. Standing/sitting at the exits and checking plants purchased for proof of sale dots. People with plants without dots are directed back to the vendor to get dots.
  3. Walking around the display area keeping an eye on the plants. Asking people not to touch the plants. If there is a problem, you can contact the head of security for help. (Head of security will help with any issues that might come up).
Plant Hotel:

Accepting plants from people who are checking them in for safekeeping, and issuing redemption tickets. Placing the plants in a box, and storing the box on shelves. Retrieving plants from shelves in exchange for their ticket. The job involves standing, walking, and some lifting.

Raffle Ticket Sales:

Sell raffle tickets to customers.


Tend the membership table, talk to prospective new members about SFOS, and help them to sign up.

Vendor Relief:

Providing breaks for vendors who are alone, distributing water and fruit. This is a walk around the sales area type of position-very social!


This job has no real definition – basically you will just help out wherever needed. If it is crowded, more people may be needed for certain jobs, or a volunteer might not show up.

Sunday Show Take Down (5 pm – 9 pm):

Take down and store tables, chairs, etc. Store all show materials in bins and boxes.

An organization is as strong as its active members. The SFOS needs volunteers for Orchids in the Park.

All members of the Society are encouraged to participate in the OITP by:

  • Volunteering to work in the different committees which are necessary to run the shows.
  • Becoming a Docent–Docents are needed for OITP.
  • Bringing blooming plants for the display tables are always appreciated.

It’s a great opportunity to talk to the “old timers” who know enormous amounts about orchid culture and to meet your fellow SFOS members. Look for announcements regarding volunteers in the SFOS Newsletter, website and at the monthly meetings.